Anant told me to watch ultimate movie “thesocialnetwork”

I generally don’t like to watch movies but one of my friend really insist me to watch out this movie as, I love coding’s and programming’s. I really want to tell you that I don’t code and do programming huh ya that’s weird. But no one really discourage me for that cause I build up an Softwarelint with my creative web development skills.

But after watching this movie I love to do code and really wanna start to learn how to actually program from I have been passing time on internet from few months ago. Which is really make me to indulge in to get in social medias. I really love this movie and awesome attitude of Mark Zuckerberg as an CEO of facebook. That’s All blow my mind .

Special thanks to my best friend Anant tyagi, He is the guy who makes me to watch this awesome movie.

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